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Welcome to InstructCPI. This application provides Annuity Service Clients:

  • Portfolio information: country application, invention and payment history
  • Annuity System Reports
  • Invoices, Statement of Accounts and Settlements
  • Manuals and Payment schedules
  • Data downloads
  • General announcements
  • Ability to send and review Instructions
  • Capability to review and answer Data inquiries and Confirmations

To register for InstructCPI send a request with the name of your organization to We will send you your login data and password.

We assume the Account Manager will be the main client contact listed at the annuity service.The Account Manager will review all applications for InstructCPI for your organizationand can add and edit account information from their account.Computer Packages will only disclose User IDs and Passwords to the Account Manager via email.

If you cannot login and you need to submit urgent instructions, please contact:

Your suggestions regarding this service can be sent to